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20 Effects of the Civil Unions and Marriage Ban

The Wisconsin State Constitutional Amendment on the ballot November 7th to ban civil unions and domestic partnerships is a legislative ploy to get Republican voters to the polls. That is why it is all that more important to VOTE, and to specifically VOTE NO on this blatantly discriminatory amendment to our constitution.

Not only that, the amendment has much more far reaching implications than substantially decreasing the likelihood of same-sex civil unions or the like.

The wording of the amendment may allow for unmarried couples, both gay and straight, to be denied domestic partner benefits, medical/visitation rights, and domestic violence protections in the case of domestic voilence against them.

For example, after Ohio passed a similarly worded ban, several courts ruled that they could not grant domestic violence protections to a woman abused by her boyfriend, because this would qualify as a legal status "substantially similar" to marriage.

To find out more about the effects of the proposed ban go here:
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